Welcome to the Larned Veterinary Clinic
One of the many services we offer at LVC is boarding for your pets. We
provide food (we feed science diet), water, bowls, blankets and towels for
bedding. You are always welcome to bring your own bowls, food or
bedding to make your pet feel more at home! We even board exotic pets
(rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, etc) we just ask that you bring their
food and water bottles with them.

Reservations are generally needed for boarding to ensure that we have the
proper space for your pet. Call during business hours for pricing and
availability. Plan ahead for the holiday season, as this is one of our busiest
times in the kennel!

We have a new dog kennel that provides us with more large runs to house
those larger dogs or family dogs that wish to stay together. The new
kennel is also more efficient with heating and cooling which allows us to
house your dog in an environment that is similar to home. With windows in
3 walls, there is lots of natural light and fresh air when temperatures allow.
We still have covered, outdoor dog runs that provide a protected area for
the dogs to use the restroom and get some fresh air and exercise. The
dogs are let out into this area 4 times a day, even on those days that the
clinic is closed.

In addition to our dog kennel, we have a separate cat room that allows the
kitties to be housed away from the dogs. This quieter room provides a
more stress-free environment for the cats. It is climate controlled and has a
large window. The window provides natural light, fresh air, and the
opportunity to watch the birds as they play in the bushes out side. We also
have condos available with 2 shelves and a separate area for the litter box.
These spacious condos allow us to house cats together if desired, or
provide a kitty with lots of extra room to enjoy!
Veterinary Clinic

Open Monday - Friday 8am
- 5:30pm and Saturday
8am - 2pm
Cat room (pictured above) with cat condos
(pictured below).
Above: Some of our new, indoor dog runs and some dog cages. Pictures
don't do justice to how spacious and inviting our new kennel is, so feel
free to stop by and ask for a tour!

Below: Our outdoor runs. With shade, wind blocks, and concrete floors,
these runs provide a secure, comfortable, and clean place for your dog to
get some outdoor time. We also have a fenced, grass yard for those dogs
who aren't big fans of the concrete.