Our dedication to "strive to offer the highest quality veterinary medicine to
our patients" doesn't stop as our patients get larger. We welcome cattle,
horses, sheep, goats, pigs... Just about anything. If we can't help you, we'll
make sure we help you find someone who can! We offer a variety of services
for our large animal clients.

From diagnostic and pregnancy ultrasound to nutrition consultation and
herd health, we can assist you in just about every aspect of your production.
We even have a portable hydraulic chute that we can bring to your farm to
help make things easier!

We provide routine medicine for horses (vaccinations, exams, castrations,
illness treatment, etc) and have a cordless power float that makes dentals
less stressful for us and the horse!
Drive through unloading (pictured above) provides
an easier means of bringing animals into the clinic.
No need to worry about backing a trailer in less
than ideal weather conditions. Simply enter our
south drive and pull right on through!
Our roll-over hydraulic chute (pictures above
and below) provides a safer, more comfortable
way to examine and trim bad feet, even on those
larger bulls!
Need to bring in a semi-load of cattle to work? No
problem. Our unloading ramp located just to the south
of the barn and outdoor holding pens (see picture
below) make unloading, sorting, working, and loading
large truck loads of cattle possible.
We have hospital pens inside our heated barn as
well as outside under this lean-to shed. This allows
us to comfortably hospitalize patients in need of daily
treatment or care.
Large Animal:
Veterinary Clinic

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- 5:30pm and Saturday
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