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We feed and recommend Hill's Brand (Science Diet/ Prescription Diet) pet foods to our patients. All science diet foods are 100% guaranteed. If you don't like it or your pet won't eat it just bring back the unused portion and receive a refund. We stock a complete line of food and order once a week, so if there is something we don't have, we can get it for you.

By feeding a premium quality dog food such as science diet, you can actually improve and prolong the life of your pet. There are many foods available to help manage specific conditions for your pet (diabetes, weight loss, kidney disease, liver issues, joint disease and arthritis- just to name a few). Stop by and visit with us about what food would be most beneficial for your pet!

In addition to food, we also carry some supplies needed for your pet. We have collars and leashes that come with a life-time guarantee (even if your dog chews it!), a few toys, shampoos, and other grooming supplies available. If you are having a hard time finding something you need, let us know and we can see if we can find it for you from one of our veterinary suppliers.

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Our large store room (pictured above) allows for us to stock a complete line of pet food for your four-legged family members. Clients are always welcome to look around in the back and see what all we have to offer!


We carry lupine collars and leashes that offer a lifetime guarantee. That means that if the buckle breaks, the clip on the leash gets bent and no longer works, or your dog chews the collar in 2, you get a free replacement! Just bring us the broken collar or leash! We frequently get in new patterns, so stop by and take a look, if we don't have something you like, ask us to see the catalog.

We also carry other pet supplies (some of which are pictured below) and treats. If you need help finding something that we don't have, simply ask and we'll do our best to either order it for you or point you in the right direction.


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